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Traps installed in Replication Sites of Spain - Life Samfix
Latest News

The traps of Action C5 have been installed. 9th July we installed 12 traps in the SIC ES5233040 “Muela de Cortes y el Caroche”. 23rd July the 12 traps of the SIC ES5233011 “Sierras del Martés y del Ave” have been installed . Both SCIs present in a very rough terrain and was affected for a great wildfire in 1994 that devastate massively the afforested pine forests. At the present the ancient broadleaf tree forests (Quercus rotundifolia) are in regeneration. Traps have been installed at the accessible areas more closet to the “El Tello and Surroundings” Core Area (aprox. 13 km) and more or less 22 km from the X. crassiusculus attacked carob trees. Traps will surveilled biweekly until mid November.