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SAMFIX meeting on January 23rd

LIFE SAMFIX team reuned in the beautiful garden of Villa Thuret at Antibes. Preparing for the first trapping season that will be kicked off in forthcoming months. Highly necessary because previous activities have shown that infestation is spreading along the Tyrrhenian coast. No time to lose! Stay tuned

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Meeting of SAMFIX partners in Villa Thuret

On the 23th of January SAMFIX partners will meet again to discuss the results achieved during the first half a year and to plan the forthcoming first trapping season in the Italian, French and Spanish core sites. Next day, they will show their work and plans to the LIFE Monitor who follows-up the project on

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New map of Ecostystem Services of El Tello and Surrounding (Spain)

A map of Ecosystem services for El Tello and Surrounding has been drawn by the UA team. This implied the digital cartography on 4151 ha of natural and semi-natural ecosystem and land uses (agriculture, residential, routes,…), using the aerial photos RGBI of Comunitat Valenciana (25 cm pixel). Flights hereto were performed between 13/06/2018 to 30/07/2018.

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