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Conference LIFE The Green Link "Affrontare la desertificazione nel Mediterraneo col Cocoon” - Life Samfix
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Tuesday, October 23th, at the Botanical Garden of Rome, the LIFE Project The Green Link (LIFE15 CCA / ES / 000125) organized its conference “Facing desertification in the Mediterranean with the Cocoon”. During the day, that was chaired by our Management Technical Assistant Gertruud van Leijen, an innovative technique was shared with the Italian audience that permits to plant trees in arid areas where irrigation would be impossible due to lack of infrastructure or too burdensome: the Cocoon, which functions as a water reservoir (capacity of 25 l of water), helps the planted sapling to develop and deepen the root system during the first two years after plantation, disengaging itself in this way both from natural and artificial water supplies.
SAMFIX will follow-up the results of this LIFE project, as the technology could be helpful in case of needed reforestation efforts after eradication actions.
The proceedings, mostly in Italian, can be found here: