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Great participation for the webinar "Bark and ambrosia beetles invasive of Mediterranean forest ecosystems" - Life Samfix
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On 10/06/2021 the webinar entitled “Bark and ambrosia beetles invasive of Mediterranean forest ecosystems” was held, dedicated to the Life SAMFIX project and organized as a side event of the XXVI Italian National Congress of Entomology.

The project partners talked about the invasive insects present in the Mediterranean area and, in particular of the genus Xylosandrus spp, about how the SAMFIX project was born, its aims and the results that have been obtained so far.
The moderators were Prof. Stefano Speranza for the University of Tuscia and Prof. Massimo Faccoli for the University of Padua, both partners of the SAMFIX project. The interventions were carried out by Prof. Alain Roques and by Dr. Teddy Urvois for INRAE, by Prof. Andrea Vannini and by Dr. Massimo Contarini, both of the University of Tuscia, by Dr. Daniele Guarneri, project manager. Life SAMFIX.

The participation was wide and the participants, mainly experts in entomology, enlivened the debate with numerous questions and observations despite the “remote” mode of the meeting.