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First report of Xylosandrus compactus in Spain - Life Samfix
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Xylosandrus compactus has been reported for the first time in Spain, hosted in a carob tree in Calvià, Majorca. Species have been indentified by specialists of University of Balearic Island, the specialist J.M. Riba, and the Spanish team of SAMFIX project.
In June 2019, some unusual symptoms,  were observed in a carob tree  in a private garden.  Symptoms became in necrosis, flagging and wilting of twigs and small branches. Plus,  multiple small holes were located on small and large branches (>10 cm diameter) and twigs. During August, a sap exudation from holes was observed.
In October 2019 the Laboratory of Zoology of the University of the Balearic Islands received some insect samples. The collected specimens were then identified as the invasive alien species Xylosandrus compactus. The observed damages in large branches of C. siliqua are a rare behavior and it has been reported in 2019, for first time in Sicily (Italy).
Occurence has been reported to the competent authority of the Government, who notified the presence of this IAS through the European Union Notification System for Plant Health Interceptions – EUROPHYT. After that a manuscript of this first report  has been sent  to the scientific magazine Zootaxa (in revission) and press release in local media (