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Let's discover the X-traps, the smart traps to capture the Xylosandrus - Life Samfix
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The X-Traps, designed and developed within the SAMFIX project by Terrasystem, are IoT modules that can be integrated into traditional traps such as the Crosstraps produced by Econex but also adaptable to other types of traps. They allow to count and recognize daily Xylosandrus captures through the acquisition and recognition of high resolution macro photographic images. Further images are acquired to evaluate the vegetation of the tree where they are installed and the filling of the collection collector of the trap itself as diagnostic data. The X-Traps are also equipped with a GPS / Glonass satellite receiver, a thermo-hygrometer that acquires hourly temperature and humidity data and a 3G modem for daily data transmission to the Terrasystem cloud server. through which it is also possible to configure them remotely. Powered by solar energy, the X-Traps are suitable for use in all types of environments.

With the successful completion of the field test campaign at the Circeo National Park (Italy), 24 X-Traps are about to be installed in the core sites of the SAMFIX project, in Italy, France and Spain, for the 2021 trapping campaign.